Getting Things Done with Process Design

Process design is a way to examine business (and personal) processes for efficiency and effectiveness. It’s a way to get things done. Is there a way to split up that process so that it can be delegated to others so you can scale up?

Coaching as a Team Leader

This article emphasizes the crucial role of a team leader as a coach and mentor to their team. I provide clear examples of different scenarios and draw attention to the critical differences between the “coach” and “fixer” mindsets that leaders can adopt. While this guidance applies to other management and leadership positions, I specifically focus… Continue reading Coaching as a Team Leader

Cause & Effect Diagrams

Cause and effect diagrams, also known as Ishikawa diagrams, are one of 7 basic tools of quality. Cause and effect diagrams are useful because they let you list out all the causes that you and/or your team can think of. Having a team think of possible causes is similar to the concept of peer review in software development projects. Where one person thinks of a few causes, another person will think of different causes. This gives a broader range of causes to investigate.