Webpack and Frontend Build-Time Performance Engineering for React

This article explores webpack, focusing on ways to investigate the build-time performance of webpack for your React apps. First, we cover the items that can affect build-time and runtime performance. Next, we’ll explore profiling tools for CPU and memory usage and how to use them. We’ll then delve into webpack bundles and how to analyze what’s in a bundle. Finally, we talk about setting goals.

Smart Contracts for Cosmos Blockchain

Writing smart contracts with Rust and CosmWasm for Cosmos blockchains is fun to do. You can write smart contracts for Cosmos-based blockchains using the Rust programming language and the CosmWasm SDK and libraries. Cosmos is a blockchain that makes building new chains easier than before, also known as an internet of blockchains. Cosmos functions as a foundation that can be used to build application-specific blockchains that are interoperable.

Machine Learning Basics with Ludwig

We’re going to walk through the basics of machine learning and applying it to the problem of email spam prediction. We are going to do this by loading training data sets, building a few machine learning models and then checking their performance on test data sets. The data sets we are using are small enough… Continue reading Machine Learning Basics with Ludwig

Getting Things Done with Process Design

Process design is a way to examine business (and personal) processes for efficiency and effectiveness. It’s a way to get things done. Is there a way to split up that process so that it can be delegated to others so you can scale up?

Coaching as a Team Leader

This article emphasizes the crucial role of a team leader as a coach and mentor to their team. I provide clear examples of different scenarios and draw attention to the critical differences between the “coach” and “fixer” mindsets that leaders can adopt. While this guidance applies to other management and leadership positions, I specifically focus… Continue reading Coaching as a Team Leader